Official Bio:

Gina Gates was born and raised in Texas, but rarely rode horses and admits to never owning a cowgirl hat. Eventually, she lived in seven other states and lost her southern accent, but still loves her native Lone Star State.

Growing up as a typical baby boomer, Gina graduated from college, got married, and became a traditional stay-at-home mom. She continued in that domestic bliss until her children informed her that they could drive and cook their own food. Since then, they have underestimated her wisdom and consider her way too old for romance. She loves them anyway, mainly because they’ve given her so many adorable grandchildren that she’s losing count.

At an early age, Gina loved to write and was said to have “a taste for words”. For almost twenty years, she has dabbled in the publishing field as a copywriter, book editor, and author. Someday, she’d like to write a novel or two, if fiction ever becomes as exciting as her real life. For now, Gina is living yet another adventure somewhere in the southwest, waiting for true love. ♥


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