You’re Interested?

So…you’re interested in my daughter?

Let’s talk.

Before you presume to take her hand and dare to make her feel warm inside, you must realize who I am as her Father. I will spare no effort or expense to protect her and guide her in finding the right man to share her life.

Carefully consider that any man who desires my daughter needs to discern her immense value as a woman. She is deserving of the highest, most sacrificial kind of love. Any man worthy of her will not need to be reminded of the treasure he holds, and he will approach her with all dignity.

I have some questions for you. The most important one is, “Is your heart soft and does it break easily?” If you can’t be broken, then you can neither be strong nor whole. You will only be a weak man who tries to conquer life in his own strength. Are you tenderized to absorb the hurts of another and respond with empathy and understanding? My daughter needs a man who will not hesitate to tenderly embrace her heart and dress her wounds with gentle care. It goes without saying that he will strive to not cause her any pain himself, but he will be just as diligent to kiss and heal hurts from others or memories from the past. To repay her for the pain you inflict is mere humanity; but if you spend yourself to dry her every last tear, that is boundless love.

Are you completely faithful? Outside the lines of public scrutiny or her keen observation, are you unshakably true to your love for her? When you close your eyes, is she all you see? Is your soul locked in? When you are all alone, who do you think about and desire? My daughter may never know, but you know. Indiscretions of the mind take the exclusive, passionate edge off of a relationship. Will you give my daughter the not only the best of yourself, but all of yourself—heart, soul, mind, and body?

Is your love infinitely deep? Will it not only survive, but thrive through the stormiest times? Or does it wane with the shift of the wind? Does it shrink back when things are not perfect, cowering to wade in shallow waters? Or does it go deeper still, fighting for the very core and truth of what love is? Can you promise to love during the most difficult challenges as well as happily agree to love my daughter in the happiest of times? Is financial achievement more important to you than sharing the bread of contentment with the one you love? Are age, health, fitness, and youthful attributes the sliding scales where you will determine her attractiveness? What is your gauge for the level of attention you will give her? Will you submit yourself to be filled with a heavenly love that will endure through the years, surpassing the fading of her beauty? 

Think about your answers to my questions before you answer. I’ll be waiting to hear…

I have heard your response, and I realize you might have wondered if I wanted your bold and supreme assurance that my daughter in in the right hands. I did not. Instead, I wanted to hear the contrite, humble voice of a servant, declaring his sincere inability to perform up-to-task. And within that same voice, I was searching for a man who knows his weaknesses, yet still has not hesitated to wholly place his love on the altar, sacrificing all he has and is. Even now, my ear is bent to hear if he is praying for the mercy, wisdom, and strength to love my daughter with abundance–because he knows it is impossible without that grace. You see, all my questions were only to see if you are a man who knows he is walking into certain failure, except for the certainty that laying down his life will more than make up the deficit.

I don’t care about your bank account, your position, your reputation, your social standing, or your worldly gains. I care about your heart. The man who will be allowed to carry my daughter away in his arms will have a heart saturated with compassion, utmost loyalty, and endless, unlimited love. So, here’s my last question: Do you love her just as I do?

Son, if you want my daughter to belong to you, show me that you love her like her Father loves her. I’ll be watching. Yes, all the time. I can do that. I’m God.



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2 responses to “You’re Interested?

  1. Expressed like a true Father….

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